Why Choose Us

We think the role of lawyers is to be problem solvers and conflict managers. Where a negotiated resolution is possible without harming a client's interest, that's our first approach. If the situation demands aggressive strategies and tactics, we'll counsel you accordingly and take appropriate action. Our professional commitments are guided by a few core principles and values:

  • Diversion of focus - We understand that legal problems are an unproductive drain on management's attention to and focus on running the business. We strive to minimize that factor by calling on you at your location when that's most convenient for you. We tailor our communications to your preferences and needs-using email or other electronic communication if that is preferable or convenient for you. However, we are always available for telephone consultation should you wish to talk with us.
  • Costs of resolution - Sometimes it's necessary to utilize every available, lawful tool and tactic to protect a client's interest. When that's the case, that's what we do. But there are other situations when the problem can be managed successfully without engaging in every expensive activity known to the legal profession. While committed to providing thorough and excellent professional services, we always try to minimize the costs of resolution whenever possible. Some ways to do this are to present the options of negotiation or mediation whenever such strategies will protect the client's interests as well or better than more expensive litigation alternatives.
  • Responsiveness - We'll return your telephone calls and email messages as soon as possible, usually within hours. We know you would not contact us unless you needed a timely response. We constantly re-prioritize our calendars and work hours to serve all clients when they need to be served, not when it's "their turn."
  • Pragmatism - While all lawyers find it intellectually stimulating and professional satisfying to make new law or achieve a high-profile success, your interests always come first at Landrum Dobbins. We know that while any client wants to prevail in a legal conflict, the ultimate benefit of doing so is to satisfy or protect important business interests. We work with you to identify efficient, practical solutions to the business problem, and focus on "winning" only when that's exactly what you need.
  • Your business - Our clients tells us they appreciate our taking the time and making the effort to get to know their businesses, with all of their complexities, and their people. Your business and our relationship with you is an important priority.
  • Experience - We practice in highly technical and specialized areas. Our clients need advice, consultation and advocacy by mature, experienced lawyers who understand the challenges of operating a business. Michael or Mary - or both, if that's what's required - personally will handle your matter; it won't be passed off to an inexperienced, junior attorney.
  • Fees - Our commitment to a low-overhead "boutique" practice permits us to provide the services of senior attorneys at rates far below those with comparable experience at large firms. We generally do not bill clients for mileage, routine photocopies, postage, long-distance telephone or other miscellaneous expenses. We're flexible in our approach, and can work with you on an hourly or flat fee basis. We also can create one of our custom-tailored Legal Expense Management Plans (LEMP) if that's what works best for both of us.